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Friday, December 21, 2007

my nemesis

i swear you lie in wait for me every thursday night.,
biding your time until 7 o'clock --

then you make your move, loud
and menacing i hear you, closer and closer,
louder and louder

even though i walk away, your sounds
and movements
follow me, tease me,
know i fear you.

back and forth you come,
taking a step back, then two or three forward,
always in my direction,
your maw open, eating, swallowing whole
bits of what will one day be me.

do you know this?
do you know you eat what i leave behind?
yes, i'm sure you do.
and pleasure you take in that,
one day i, too, will be sucked into your maw
to be dispensed further with the rest of us

until that day comes, you settle for your mocking
tones, i hear ou jeer at me.
"i see you by the corner. i feel you fear me."

yes, i fear you. yes i loathe you.
like cats, i run in terror from you,
only wishing i'd be more agile to escape.

until i become your meal, i will continue to step away
to corners and corners,
keeping on my feet, watching you,
until you move on, having missed me.


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