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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

to the egotist


you make me sick. it's always about you, isn't it?
people are in pain and suffering, yet, somehow, it comes back to you.
no matter how it seems, you weedle your way inside, settle in,
then pontificate on your worldly ways and how it happened to you.
always you.

you know best because you've been there.
you know best because you're older than dirt
you kow best because you're you. nothing more.

you come in, grandiose, hat astride, to one side.
your pimps on. your swagger on.
look at me! look at me! i'm lovely aren't i?

news flash! stop the fuckin presses.
your ego is superceded only by your arrogance.
egotist, you make me sick.

shed not a tear for us? shed not a tear for him?
no, no, i'll shed nothing for you. you all make me sick.
you are puny insignificant pups.

you claimed, you claimed,
what lies.
it was all about you. we should have known.
he left and didn't know. what a trick to play on him.
now's not the time. was it ever?

so entangled in your ego, so wrapped up in your self,
so absorbed in your life, play a song for me, lean on me.

ah the ego, what a giant it is.
it fits not through the door.
for him it was such a diss,
he never wanted any more,
and what betrayal and at what cost?
for it was us who didn't play a host.

hide egotist, hide.
shame will reign down on you.
know it will.


Blogger erin said...

Wow. I love this.

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I'm at the tail end of a move and despite my best efforts time keeps marching onward leaving me with too little to complete tasks.

Next week for coffee?

12:25 PM

Blogger luing said...

I just googled egotist and up you came and I recognised those sentiments. I live in a small Island community and Yes we have one of them.I was driven to write a wee poem, just to get it out of my system, i still can't stand him.

6:25 PM


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