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Sunday, December 09, 2007

down egotist down!

why do you persist so?
why must you make yourself be heard?
You're ruminatons are that of old, nothing new.

a simple request, why ego, why? has turned
it has turned into diabolical words, a retort?
who knows yet. tomorrow it yet to come.

but these words -- why?
these themes run through your head,
constant chatter, the patter of conversations,
the patter of words, people mouthing emptiness.

you hear what you want,
your vile mind misinterprets,
misconnects, misantropic --

for truly who cares for you? no one.
a lonely beast among those who would taunt
yet taunt only in self-defense.
for before your words, it was a troubled why?
no more. now a troubled man - and his egotess

shame on you, egotist and egotess,
an old woman you made cry
you made no friends from that, now even less
pockets? they'll remain dry.

you, ego, take the blame,
have the balls and bow your head in shame
bow your head for him, you said you knew him, not,
it's you, your empty words that your mouth, they shot

a foolish one, worse you did,
an angel, no, for they do no wrong

think of your words, think of your thoughts,
ruminating, ruminating,
ne'er a night's sleep, always ruminating

silly ego, tricks are for kids
kids they don't trick,
they're only kids
they can't be taught, they're honest.

ego from where do you hail?
scrimp and save, scrip and safe.
your big pimp shades, swagger walk,

knock that fucking hat off!
knock that grin of your god damned face!
knock your past, knock your past!
knock you of your pedastal!

ego be gone, slip into none
ego maniac, you're no fun

do you read this? can you read this?
is this for you? yes, i'm sure.
don't second guess,
i'm sure.

i don't know why you can't admit you're wrong, can't admit
that your words still hurt, still fly off into wild directions.
i've never understood someone like you. you're attend a party, only a guest, and yet you want to take control, have the spotlight shined down on you, pity you bore us with you tales of
adventure and conquest. it's all a lie. take back all you ever brought and will bring, it comes from an empty heart, no soul.

the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
you can't change that.


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