These are the thoughts of a Texas transplant in West Michigan who makes his living as a newspaper reporter by evening, and a struggling novelist by day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

bullshit state of mind

sid's tantrum caused a ruckus, man.
he went off the deep end again.
mind your own business, prick.
every day something new,
as if you really knew.
you need meds, man, seriously.
harboring all of these feelings all of this time?
i feel sorry for you, man
take your meds, man.
i think you're cracking, or have already cracked,
the proof's in the pudding, man.

you stir things up, a hornet's nest,
yet you're theonly one being stung, man.
feel the stingers dig into you.
they hurt like hell, man.
i don't feel any pain. i don't care, man.

does my god know the truth? perhaps.
does your god know the truth? oh yeah, man
your god knows well enough the truth
and retribution will follow.

your lines were scathing, man.
but i tell you what, i sleep at night.
do you? heardly.
harboring all those thoughts, never giving a rest.

pop the med in the morning, early, man.
make the best of it. make the day the best, man.
don't see me later and pretend it never happened.
oh, man, your trouble.
or should i say,l troubled?

either way, you'll never see it my way, man.
man oh man, you're pretty warped.
life's delusion's play a trick on you, man

but remember, none of it's real, man.
it's all a dream and you'll wake up.
still, no one likes you, man.
no one thinks much of you, not now, man.

inflated, yes.
selfish, yes
arrogant, yes

yes, yes, yes, yes!

go find our niche and leave me be.
i don't want to get caught up, drama queen.
seventh-grade was decades ago.
act your age, drama queen
act your age.

accept these words into your heart, mind andsoul.
do you have a soul?
blasted! no!
still, maybe, you do. i don't know
who am i? a gentle being on my journey.

meeting you, well, man, what a trip.

psst! nobody likes you. pass it on.
man oh man

please let me be. let me rest.
let me enjoy my life, let me be free, man.

after all, life's not about you.
hell, it's not even about me.
we're pawns in this bullshit state of mind.

some of us just deal with it better than others.


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