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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the first day

things started off last night with a few friends over fora quiet evening before "the ball dropped." there was chili, corn bread, chips and some sweets, music and reel clues.

it wasn't a big deal, really, just to spend the few remaining hours of 2007 with friends instead of being alone as we were the previous year (watching "schindler's list" no less at midnight).

we did scramble upstairs to watch as the new year came in on the eastern time zone. there were some kisses, hugs and some back slapping.

though quiet, i'm glad it was this way.

outside snow fell, making the night time light up as it usually does on snowny nights.

after a groggy morning. i actually stumbled out of bed at noon and lazying around for several hours, my brain started kicking in.

i called up linda and chatted with her and mom while emma grace howled in the background, something about not wanting to wear a shirt.

it snowed more over the course of the afternoon and we were supposed to go to evie's to pick up some stuff. so i set out to shovel, even though it was still coming down. by the time i finished, there was a thin layer of snow already covering the drive. oh well, it will make it easy when i have to do it again tomorrow morning.

off to evie's. it rurns out she had cooked some stuff, empanadas (chicken and beef), rice and chicken and some chicken in the oven. i got there with little appetite and thought i'd bring it home to eat.

then, there was music playing on a cassette player. it was some sort of panamanian music, festive and fast, with an accordion keepijng it going. on the table, was the bottle of tequila. evie wanted tme to take a shot with her for the new year. (i was skeptical before arriving.)

with themusic playing and the sweet smells of the food, i took the shot of el toro. i didn't drink it, i swallowed. tip the shot glass, let it slide to the back of the throat, then swallow the nasty liquor. oh was it sweet as te warmth of it spread through my esophagus and into my belly. so good.

well, that brought out the appetite that had bene supressed. i ate heartily, stopping intermittantly to dance with evie. all that was needed was some cuban cigars or cigarettes to complete the mood. i ate more. danced more. then for good measure i took a second shot. then danced more before we left.

such a lovely liquor. so good in shots, too. my new favorite liquor? perhaps. although i am partial to mojitos with its cuban (too expensive) or puerto rican rum. i told dawn taht i think i'd prefer a shot or two of tequila to a beer or two. beer tends to fill me up. the tequila just messes me up. although i think it just makes me happy.

now we're back home. it's still snowing. the drive is probably going to need more shovel work tomorrow morn. but as for tonight, we're inside and it's time to relax and settle in for the night. perhaps contemplate what lies ahead for me with my writing. i'm hope a lot. i am hoping the sleeping giant's trip to the toilet turns into a stretch and a hearty beginning to his day as he heads out the door.

we'll see.


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