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Sunday, March 11, 2007

pulling carpet

it looks like spring is here, as katrina cat (the real indicator of spring, not that stupid groundhog) attested to this morning when she yowled to be let out for a roll on the cool concrete porch and a nibble of wilted grass that had been exposed after the snow receded enough.

as the afternoon wore on, we decied we needed to do something at home. we've been here since november, with the winter being a time of repose, but not it is time to spend a few bucks and start working on the house.

the number one project we'd chose -- even back when we first moved in -- was to pull the carpet in the room that became our computer room.

to be honest, we yanked a piece (with mark's help) as we were in the process of moving in because i noticed a smell coming from the carpet. turned out that the idiot who rented the place or room probably had a pet and it peed. so removed the chunk of carpet was imperative. we then covered the wood floor beneath with a large rug.

today was the time to start working on the room. we thought that since the floor beneath was good, solid wood, we would remove the carpet and paint the floor, having a nice wooden floor instead of carpeted floor.

we went out to lowe's and bought some supplies and began the task of removing the rest of the carpet and the padding underneath. it was tough, lots of dust floating around, coming from the padding.

we placed all the items outside the room then removed the carpet and padding in large strips. we vaccumed the room and tried to pick up all the dust and junk off the floor.

it now appears we're going to completely redo the room, from the floor to painting the walls and replacing the floor trim and eventually the door leading into the room. it needs some work. we figure when it's done, it'll look nice. we'll post some pics on the webpage soon of before and after.


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