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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

my friend marla

my wife decided we should start a newsletter and i thought it was a great idea. so we wrote it up. february's came out a few days ago and it was pretty nice.

dawn and i have different people in our address books, so we usually send out two e-mails with the links.

i've found that i get replied from friends i hadn't heard from in awhile and i think it's great.

after sending this last one, i checked my e-mail and found a reply from my friend marla. i was happy to have had an e-mail from her. it had been more than two years since we'd exchanged e-mails and even longer since we'd chatting on the phone.

she ended up giving me her number and i decided to call her and catch up.

it was wonderful. it was as if we'd not been interrupted in time and we picked up where we left off, although i had to bring her up to speed on my dad's situation and our situation up here and she caught me up on her life in calif.

i've known marla since her best friend in high school was dating my brother back in the early 1990s. we've stayed in and out of touch since, ostly in touch, even attended a smashing pumpkins concert and saw the musical the phantom of the opera with her and some friends.

the reason i bring this up about connecting with marla again is that friends are terribly important to me and i dislike losing contact with them, which does happen sometimes for whatever reason. i think life's too short to just let friendships that i or you or she or he or whoever has established just simply go by the wayside.

also more recently i've reconnected with two other friends, mike and karin. i hadn't talked to mike since right after hurricane katrina. one day after new year's eve, i decided to call him. i didn't hear from him. i tried again and he called back. we've connected and it's like nothing's changed. we're still buds.

karin, well, i've known her since college. she used to be my boss at the paper. now she's with the navy. that's how we started talking again. one of the guy's being deployed was from here. she helped me out and now we chat frequently. with her it's easier to call her than to e-mail. good rapport. good friends.

i still have a few friends yet to reconnect with that i'd really like to just sit down with and chat on the phone with. maybe soon. i miss them.

here's to old friends.


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