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Friday, February 16, 2007

open letter to an ignoramus

dear jerkoff,

when i first read your e-mail thursday, i was highly upset. i came home and was still upset. but i calmed down. i don't know if your e-mail was meant to make me angry or hurt me or what.

well, you did succeed on both of those emotions. i was both angry and hurt that some fuckhead would say such ignorant things without knowing me or the person i wrote about in my article on leaving the migrant lifestyle. how did you put it? i believe the phrase was "my own kind." wow, what balls of ignorance you must have, cowardly person.

then, as the night wore on, i relaxed and put your silly words out of my mind. i believe your ignorance is only superceded by your stupidity. what a shame.

the person i my story is not illegal, only someone who wants a better life for herself and child. i am also not illegeal, nor were ever my parents illegal. and check this out...not even my grandparents. we've had generations living peacefully and legally in the country.

it is not illegals (who are generally hard-working and honest folks) that ruin this country, it is people like yourself with such a warped point of view that makes me ashamed to call myself an american. you make this country bad. your attitude sets this country back 200 years. you are as bad as those who killed off the anative americans, who who enslaved the africans and those who blacklisted good americans during the 1950s.

it is you who must look at yourself in the mirror and face the world as yourself. how horrid that must be, having to fake it every time you encounter one of "my own kind" out in the area.

your words no longer anger me, they only make me fee sad for you in your sad little insignificant existence. life is too short to hate, too short to look at skin color or a person's surname and judge them when you don't have a clue about them, their family or culture.

word to the wise: hispanics or latinos are not one culture. please don't lump all of us in one group because mexicans are different from puerto ricans, colombians differ from cuban and spaniards differ from panamanians. there is very little that makes us similar except perhaps our language. however, we are all good, people with rich cultures, cultures that go beyond that of this country.

paz, mi corazon. ya no tengas dolor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant, mi amigo!

10:32 PM


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