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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

just like riding a never forget

it feels like it's been ages since i've blogged. i guess it has. several friends have commented that i've not done so; they even knew the last time i did this. so a new blog entry has been long in coming.

too many things have occurred that have contributed to me not sitting here in front of the computer and tapping away at the keys. work has been up and down and all over the place, lots of headaches. however, my center is calm and that's all that counts there. rattle the cage all you want.

plus, with my dad, well, that's the last entry i had and i didn't feel there was much to say or writer. but there is. lots more. when the bad news came about the condition of his liver and the inability to operate, i blogged it and then i felt empty, almost as if i'd purged all i could on that situation and it left me void of anything else to say about it or any other subject.

i now feel that is bogus. recently i've gotten theurge to write again. i'm not talking about the daily grind but actually writing at home for my own pleasure...and perhaps for others one day. i've joked with dawn about my alter-ego: Rolo. i figured tht maybe one day i'd write books under the psyeudonym of Rolo. i've even got a last name for this fictitious author: Garces. Rolo Garces. i'd write the fiction, air out the dirty laundry, so to speak, as Rolo. i know it sounds dumb, but i've gotten into it and it's fun. makes the time go by faster. so Rolo will write the juicy, down-and-dirty books about thing Roel wouldn't write about. now, what would those things be?

anyway, ramble on, as led zep. was so fond of singing. but, yes, the writing bug has struck me again. is it serious this time? who knows. the sonofabitch bug comes and goes. i should try to lasso that bugger in and harness it's power for my benefit.

enoug on that. i've got lots of things to write about now. ideas for blogs are popping into my head. i think i'll wait on a few of them.

however, i must make a mention on my dad's condition (i'll write a full-length blog on him this week). he's home now and i'm glad of it. there's nothng like being in your own home. he's going to the ranch with my brother to check on the cows. however, he's in some pain. he and my mom are convinced it's the cancer and not the operation. he will not go to chemo for another month, so we'll see how it goes until then. he had not been taking pain pills as often as he should have for fear of running out and not having any more. but thenurse told him not to worry, he'd been given painkillers no matter what.

this past weekend (sunday) was something like world marriage day. my oparents were chosen at their church to have their vows renewed. it meant a lot since who knows if my dad will be alive next year. my parents anniversary isn't until june. this year they'll be married 37 years. a long time when i think aout it. but it's never too long.

i feel so much better tonight having written. i missed it. after a few glitches with logging on last night (i was afraid i wouldn't be able to log on again), i'm back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about time. You were getting as bad as "Lost" with the lengthy hiatus and what not.

4:13 PM


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