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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

riding in cars with mexicans

last week i my friend krista took me to shop for dawn's birthday present. since i don't drive, i needed help and she was gracious enough to offer.

i will preface this by saying my friend isn't a big advocate of the seatbelt, much to the chagrin of her husband (and her friend who rides with her many times in a week). but it's her perrogative.

that morning started out fine. she picked me up and we were off. we made it nearly to the antique mall when she says, "there's a cop..." she's looking in the rearview. she then says, a tab upset, "he's turning around."

sure enough, the county officer turned around to follow us. we were at the light right before the place we were to turn into. even before she said what was up, i knew what the problem was with the cop.

it was useless to try and put it on slowly. yes, it would attract much more attention. so we pulled into the parking lot. she got her info. the cop came forward and retrieved the papers.

we discussed whether or not he would ticket her. i think we were in agreement that he would. it just felt like it. he really didn't sy anything except ask for her info.

so he comes back and he's got a ticket in hand. $65 smackaroos. the cop was cagey, though. he kept the amount hidden behind her info, which he was returning. it wasn't until after he'd walked back to his cruiser that she found out hte amount.

now, this might not sound amusing, but there's a reason why i titled the blog the way i did.

i'd say about a year and a half ago, krista and i left the office to go down the street to an ice cream place that was giving away free scoops. instead of walking, we drove.

we got there and found out the line was waaay too long. so we decided to forget it. or was it the time that we actually got something? i'm not sure.

either way, we got back into the car and cut across eighth street. that did it. a city cop turned the flashers on. no seatbelt.

this cop was nice. he did ask her about the seatbelt and she said we were just going a few blocks back to work and she forgot it. he gave her a verbal warning. so she got off.

she did get a ticket a previous time, during a click it or ticket time period, oddly enough. i was not with her at the time. but perhaps she was thinking of her friend (me) and wondering how i was doing and then bam! she got stopped.

what's going on? am i a curse? do they think a crazy mexican boy has held a good-looking redhead hostage or something? can't a mexican boy ride in a car with a nonmexican?

all purely silly explorations. i just think it's funny that she's gotten stopped twice while with mein the car.

then, there's the time she (and alan) were parked up in front of our house and were ticketed for staying beyond the 2 a.m. time limit. i was indirectly involved in that one.


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