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Friday, March 16, 2007

the deep freeze

i experienced something odd the other day while at work. i'd wager that if i asked most people if they'd gone through it, they'd say no.

i went into the small break room shortly after arriving at work tuesday. i don't remember what i was doing, but i was there. as i walk in, i hear this rining sound. it's a cell phone ringing. by the ring, i know it's not mine, which was in my pocket at the time.

i am looking around, checking out the small counter space or the top of the mocrowave to see if someone left their phone on either one. nope. nothing.

i'm looking around, knowing it's in the room with me. somewhere. nate walked in during the latter part of this humorous time. i tell him there's a phone ringing. he looks around.

i notice it's coming from below me somewhere. i hunker down near the fridge. nothing. it now sounds muffled, as if it's inside of something. i reach over and open the fridge's door. the ringing sounds louder. i grab a small bag and...there's a cell phone inside it.

i pick it out of the bag, which also includes film. i suppose the film was in there to keep cool, for some strange reason.

i ask a few people if it's their phone. nothing. i finally ask alan. he starts fiddling around with it, checking any contacts in it. he finds the number.

he turns around to the cubicle quad behind him and asks, mmmmm, i'll call her angelica (yeah, that's what i'll call her) if it's her phone. she responds it is.

she'd bought film and happen to put the cell in the bag. then when she got to work many hours before, she slipped th bag into the fridge. and that's where the phone stayed for many, many hours.

i have not let her forget about it. i figure it'll be some time before the incident of the cell in the deep freeze will be forgotten, at least not be me, to angelica's dismay. heh heh