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Thursday, January 12, 2006

a meeting of the minds

lat night after work my night shift co-workers and i gathered once more for trivial pursuit. this time we hunkered down, for a first time, at my pal krista's pad. it was a cozy change. although, lat time, at birdman's apartment, it was also a first. i guess it's a change from dan's old place all those times.

we played a different game than dan's version of trivial pursuit. it was sometihng like 20 years of stuff -- headlines and things. it had more pop culture questions than dan's did, making it easier to answer some questions. (one of my questins was who is petunia dursley's nephe? gee that's a tough one!).

this game was diffeent than last time. for one, we were down babbitt. so it was only five of us. last time our happy host didn't fare off well. this time, she jumped out toa qick three-wedge lead, leaving us in the dust. literally, she answered something like six or seven questions back-to-back. we were in trouble. or so it seemed.

but, as last time, the game settled down. krista then went on a dry spell, allowing me to gain a few wedges, followed by birdman.

ultimately, it came downt o krista and birdman tied with six apiece and going for the gold. i ended up with five wedges and just couldn't get that sixth one. dan only got maybe two. jason got none again.

it was exhausting, though. we finished up after 4:30 a.m. and my sleep pattern was off. i woke up feeling like crap.

but it's a small price to pay. i enjoy our little get togethers we gives us a chance to be ourselves out of the office and be true outside of the office pals, rather than just office friends. it gives us a chance also to share bullshit with one another, leave work behind, rag on each other for doing stupid shit or answering a question oddly or without thinking (is tokyo a nation?? i still haven't figured it out yet).

and now with birdman in town, krista using her place, and me chipping in for the next time, we have a means of moving around and not staying or hanging out at the same apartment.

good friends, tough questions, DP, frozen taquitos...good times.


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