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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

good news/bad news

my dad had his oncologist's appointment yesterday. unfortunately, the man had been hospitalized and had an operation for colitis, so my dad didn't see him and saw his assistant instead.

the appontment had been delayed a week since the doctor's office didn't have blood work for my dad. he was upset about it last week. so he and my mom went yesterday.

the good news: he got results back from several tests he took over the past two weeks. the tests were in his spine, brain and torso area. the tests showed the cancer has not spread anywhere else. that is good. once it starts moving around,things will begin to look really bad. so i was grateful for that.

bad news: his cancer marker went up from 2 to 4. my dad was very disappointed by this news. i could hear it in his voice last night when i talked with him. he really wants t be off the chemo. but it's not to be. he'll have two more weeks of it during the month of january. my dad was also bummed about the cancer marker going up. he knows it's not a good sign that after all this time it going down and down,now it's up a little. he still has one stubborn bastard tumor in his liver that does not want to shrink. that is the last one. it's incredible that one stupid thing like that is still holding on for its wretched, wothless existence. i don't understand the workings of these things and how the rest of the tumors can be irradicated but not this one.

how i wish the call last night would have been ifferent. it only.


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