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Monday, December 19, 2005

the white album whittled down

i've thought about this too much, i think. i have given the songs consideration. i've
decided to go for what i think is a good beatles album and not what i might like or what are my favorite songs. here's the list. they are in the order that they appear in the
white album.

1) back in the ussr
2) dear prudence
3) glass onion
4)while my guitar gently weeps
5) happiness is a warm gun
6)i'm so tired
8)rocky raccoon
11)yer blues
12)sexy sadie
13)helter skelter
14)revolution 1
15)noney pie

i had 14 songs and needed a 15th. i had a hard time going back and
choosing one. maybe i shouldn't hve done it. i went back and added rocky raccoon. i like the piano parts in the middle of the song. i chose "yer blues" because i thought it would give another layer of sound. true it is bluesy,but i thought that would do it.


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