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Saturday, December 03, 2005

dad update

caled my parents. dad had several tests done this week to see where the cancer was and how the chemo had worked or if it had spread.

turns out he has only one tumor of the four or five that he had in his liver that's still there. the others have shrunk or disappeared. however, since he still has that one tumor, he will have two more weeks of chemo. the doctor was a little upset because he should have had these two weeks of chemo before taking the two tests to see about the cancer. in addition, the oncologist said he should have been off the chemo for at least a month before having the tests performed on him so the chemicals would be out of his body.

next week he's going to have several more tests - on his brain and spine. also to check what's going on in there and to see if any cancer has spred in there.

i was pleased to hear that the tumors are mostly gone. but i was still saddened that he has to go through more chemo. he's had it bad these past six to eight weeks. i wish it was over and he'd get the Ok to discontinue the treatment.

i still find it hard to believe or grasp that my dad has cancer. its' really fucked up. i know my family isn't immune to anyting. of course, you always think it's someone else's family. that's a bullshit statement.

we'l see what's ahead and meet it head first.


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