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Thursday, December 01, 2005

end of an era

yes, it's true. tom van howe of wood tv 8 has retired. wednesday's 11 p.m. newscast was his last in his vast 35-year news journalistic career. he's giving it all up for...becoming a skipper. capt. tom as he called imself on air.

we've been privvy to tom's on-air escapades over the past month, getting glimpses of
tom in his heyday on the front line of journalism.

boy, it was a lovefest wednesday night. everyone was gushing and loving.
the small group of us sat in the office, teary-eyed and clutching our chests.
no more malaprops, stutters, fumblings, uhs and uhms, glancing down at notes and everyting under the sun that ou can think of not to do on air.

we will miss you, tom. cheers, old buddy.
we still have suzy and that's some consolation. we'll keep watching.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hey, at least Tom's man enough to ask someone to step outside when there's conflict at the local tavern. Most other local news personalties would run like little girls.

2:34 PM


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