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Monday, December 12, 2005

reality shows

"survivor: guatemala" finishes last night with dani overcoming heavy odds to win top spot and the $1 million. it was quite a relief to have this season's show finally end. i normally enjoy the show, cuss when someone unjustly gets booted off and cuss even more when an ass on the show gets his or her way. the show itself has become a mold wich has been used over and over again,sometime sto predictability. you can almost guess what the next step is going to be. the producers need to do something new. i've suggested to dawn maybe an allmale or all female cast. the women would certainly prove to be catty. themen would try to outdo each other physically.

but i am most glad the show is over because no longer have to stand by mark's cubicle watching the tv overhead to see where contestant gary hogeboom is finishing off the episode and panicking every time he was didn't get an immunity or if his name came up for being voted off the show. in the early days of the season, i didn't have any phone numbers to talk with him. the numbers we had for him never got us anywhree. finally i got wise and called up his son jake, who's in real estate in the area, and got his cell. eventually i ended up talking to him for the folo up to the story when gary was booted, which i didn't get to write since it was on thanksgiving and i was not working that night. so for the past few weeks it was calming to sit back and watch for the sake of watching and not because i had to for a 10 or 12 inch story.


the saga does continue tomorrow night. it's the last episode of "the amazing race; family edition" and our family the bransens are in the thick of it with two other families for the big moolah. it's a two-hour show, starting at 9 p.m. that is going to be hard because after watching, i don't know if i can get a hold of them so late. they will be in new york. i have a cell number, but will they answer? will they talk? i don't know. if not, i may have to do a folo the following day as with survivor. we'll see. i tried a PR guy at CBS and not heard from him. i'll have to give him a jingle today at work to see if it's possible to chat with lindsay bransen, her dad and mom.

watching "the amazing race" has been extremely difficult because of my eye sight. the show is very fast-paced and switching from team to team is constant. the family's name is written on the bottom of the screen when they're talking, but it doesnt' last long. in addition, not being able to sit up close to the tv has not helped me at all. the overhead tv is several feet higher than my head and difficult to watch with my bad eyes.

so i hope no one from our area is on another reality show anymore during my time at the paper. it's always a hectic time. fuck saying "oh, you get to watch an hour of tv at work." nope, because sometimes i'm getting pages to proof, listening to the scanner, or i have to rush to finish up another article from a meeting i just came back from so i can stand by and watch th show, that my blood pressure is usually running on high.

goodbye reality shows.


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