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Sunday, December 04, 2005


had a great time bowling in muskegon saturday night. went with babbitt and krista. it was for a charity deal for eric. he and his wife are trying to adopt a child from russia and tring trying to raise money. a whole lot of us from work went, including mark, robbins, brower and his wife and peg.

after a cautious drive up with the snow blowing and the roads unsalted, we did arrive and hung out until it was time. dawnie and i did fine the first game of the three. i actually had two strikes and a couple of spares. we broke 100. the second one was horrible. our arms were tiring by then. but we recuperated by the third game and did almost 100. the team of us and the babbitts had an equal score after the three games.

it was good to get out and enjoy it. smoking was allowed and tough in there. end up smelling smoky, but no biggie.

gotta give a shout out to my niece 'rena. she did great in her storytelling UIL this week. she got first and advanced to finals, where she came in fourth overall. not too shabby. hope she and ricky are beter off with activities than me and their dad, who did squat in school. proud of the brats.


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