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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

coming home

phillip snyder is on his way ome from haiti and should, theoritically, arrive some time today. the questions are when, where and what time. it's a waiting game. i've been the go-between with amber snyder and the newspaper. i hope we have built the rapport i think we have. i called yesterday to continue our connection. she wasnt' home but she did call me later at the office, after having received themessage from one of her children. this morning i called again and she was waiting for a call from her husband. i didn't tie up the line but gave her my cell number to ring me when she knew additional info. the paper really wants to be there at the airport when snyder arrives (presumably at gerald r. ford). so i'm waiting, taking my phone with me everywhere and hoping it rings and it's her.

the anticipation is hard. i feel i've disturbed her by my continuing phone calls. but if i don't call, chances are i'll be forgotten and we'll miss the chance to snap a picture of him and do a possible interview, at least a short one with him. and so when the time comes, i'll have to call again, make a pest of myself, and ask once more.

as the afternoon wears on, though, it's ahrder to mold the budget for the paper. there are several open meeting slots to fill and the amazing race (the bransens are still in it), so it becomes interesting what is sacrificed to get the picture and inteview with snyder, that is if he arrives at a decent time for tomorrow's edition of the paper. if he chooses to arrive at 2 a.m., we're not getting it in for wednesday. but all of this is complete speculation since i don't know squat yet.

patience, grasshopper.


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