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Saturday, December 10, 2005

it's a wonderful life

tonight i sat down and finally saw the movie that has eluded me all of this time. dawn was surprised i'd never seen it, since it plays most times around christmas. still, i had never been attracted to it. i just so happened that tonight i flipped through the channels and stopped on a black and white movie and this kid working behind the counter at a drugstore with two young girls watching him, who soon after whispering "i love you george bailey" in his deaf ear.

i have mixed feelings about the movie. as it went on, i kept thinking why is this such a big hit at xmas time, it's such a downer. the poor bastard was stuck in a rut, at least according to himself. and his anger, mostly underlying, kept george from becoming a likeable character for me. it was only at the end after he realizes what life withouthim would be like and he goes home that i warmed to him.

i suppose that's when the movie achieves its goal and we all see the forest despite the trees.

i must admit to becoming teary-eyed during the scene when he opens the book tom sawyer and reads the inscription by clarence "a man who has friends is not a failure." i like that phrase. the whole angel thing was a little cheese with the whole ASC (angel second class) trying to earn wings, but i forgave the movie for that after the book inscription.

the message is clear and simple. sometimes we don't see that what we have is good and meaningful. i guess a lot of us are guilty of failing to look around our lives and ignore the good we have. thanks for pointing it out clarence.

did i like themovie? yeah, i did. i don't know if i'll ever watch it again, though. i can now join the ranks of millions who have watched it and know any in-jokes when they come concerning the movie.

one thing, though. i wish old man potter had gotten his ass kicked or perhaps even shoved off that bridge into the cold water. but i guess the meaning behind the movie wouldn't have been the same. one can think it, though. even visualize it.