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Sunday, December 25, 2005

christmas day

christmas id pretty much over, one hour to go. but the festivities are done. this is the third christmas in a row that i spend up in michigan wth my in-laws. we moved up here in november 2003 and i haven't seen my family for the hoidays since. it's really been impossible to do it because of my work schedule, but i guess one of these years i'm going to have to ask for a week during christmas. i know it's hard since all reporters would like a week off during this time. we'll see.

dawn's family has been really good to me, though, and it's like spending time with my own family. i have my place with them like i do with my family. though, each place is different with each respective family. however, i have my own presence in both places.

we started off at my mother-in-law's house and then made our way to dawn's sister's house, where we spent a good portion of the afternoon. i had a good time talking with derek about this and that or to todd about chicago. we opened presents and watched dov tear into them like crazy. it's funny watching him. reminds me of myself as a youngester with fierce anticipation on my face. we had a good meal and nice dinner talk, which is always interesting with dawn's family. it usualy goes back to their younger days, whether its school, old teachers, their dad (or things their dad did) to the crazy world of evie. never dull.

we slipped back to evie's house and then we were off to dawn's brother's house. we had a good show with the twins. they are so cute; irresistable little things. eli is cool with his shaking and moving around,while gabi looks adorable with her blond hair and her cute conversation. and at age two, they're all over the place. it was nice to see the girls -- raisa and adria. i rarely get to see those gals.

overall, i got what i wanted from christmas -- togetherness. while it wasn't with my family, it was just as nice, comfortable and cozy


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