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Saturday, January 07, 2006

note to self: grizzlies are dangerous

i know, i know. i just got off this thing a few hours ago. but i felt
i needed to catch you up on this afternoon's event, the watching of the
documentary "grizzly man."

the footage was amazing. this guy timothy treadwell (who didn't tread well at all it turns out), either had balls of steel or was off his rocker. i think he was off his rocker.

he handled the camera himself, as he was alone in the alaskan wilderness for months on end. there is footage of him handling a camera and touching a grizzly who'd come up to him.

it was eeirie, too, to hear him say he would not get mauled, bitten or eaten bya bear. he made this wild statement many times.

also creepy was after killing the bear who'd killed him and his girlfriend, the documentarian talked about how they carried remains from inside the bear of both people in four trash bags. nasty.

the indication, too, was that treadwell suffered some mental problems. he became really irate and would go off on wild tangents cursing the government (who doesn't, though) and the parks service. he's be like "f that and f them and fing assholes." he sounded like he spent too many days and nights alone out with the bears.

he talked about thebears (and to them) the way you or i would talk to our cats and dogs.

however, the documentary itself was fabulous. werner herzog did a great job of weeding through hours of treadwell's tapes to splice together with his own footage to create the doc. he created a sense of wonder with the treadwell footage, showing the beatuty of the alaskan wilderness and landscape and grizzlies out in the wild, carefully chosen words throughout and also a sense of dread, since you know this guy on film is dead, at the hands of the animals he loved.

according to the audio (the lens cap never came off the camera) while the bear mauled him, he kepting moaning. the bear had him by the head and created lacerations (and ME said). then the bear grabbed him by the upper leg area. he told his girlfriend to leave. she didn't and sounds from the camera indicate she was hitting the bear with a pan...before it was her turn.

werzog heard the tape, put his hands to his face, turned it off, and told the women who owned the tape to burn it. he became emotional.

highly recommend the doc. but not for the weak of heart of stomach.


Blogger mbirds said...

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1:31 AM

Blogger mbirds said...

If there was ever a person who DESERVED to get eaten by a frickin' bear, it was that doofus in "Grizzly Man".

That Treadwell guy reminded me of those old ladies who make their cats wear sweaters and leave them money when they die. Allow me to elaborate.

It's sad to see what human beings will do when they are unable or unwilling to make emotional connections with other people and have imaginary relationships with animals to compensate. I understand why they do it: Animals don't argue, don't develop drug or drinking habits and don't run up huge credit card bills. However, as that Treadwell guy proved, they will take a bite out of your ass without a giving it a second thought.

The impression I was left with after watching the movie was the guy's lack of respect for those bears led to his death, and that he didn't respect the bears because he didn't really care about them. The only thing that mattered to him was his own ego.

1:34 AM


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