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Saturday, January 07, 2006

gray socks days

jeez, it's going on what, 20, 30 days of no sunlight? i've lost count already. i'm more than sure it's been more than a month. i'm sure of it.

what's compounding the situation is both a lack of snow (after having feet and feet of it for the first half of december) and higher than normal temps. it's dreary out. it's one thing to have a dreary spring or summer day or days and other to have winter dreary days. spring and summer, even fall, have colors that bring some brightness to the gloom. but there ain't jack out now except leave-less trees and cold trunks and branchs.

i decided that this "cabin fever" type of feeling was getting to me so much. i'm starting to hallucinate. i had a horrible week at work. the four days seemed like double that number. the days dragged on and on. my focus was way off and i was quite pleased when friday night came on and i left home from work.

so i went out for a walk in downtown holland. in fact i did it twice. i swung around the sentinel building and went all the way down to the knickerbocker a couple of was cold facing the lake, but i needed to get away from the house for a little bit. i had my beatles to listen to on my discman and off i went. i encountered few people out. eighth street was pretty much quiet, with few people getting in my way. after about an hour out, i made my way back home to warm up some

the title of this entry "gray socks days" is not my own. it comes from dawn's dad. he used to refer to these dreary days like that. i'm sure if he was still living he'd have something to say about these shitty days.


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