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Sunday, April 08, 2007

can't find the easter eggs in the snow

i know i'm a newbie up north. this is my fourth easter in michigan, having spent previous ones in south texas.

i think this is the first time that it's snowed and been in the 30s, though. it's startling for me. i became used to the idea of it not being in the 80s or even 90s, which could be common temperatures during easter in south texas, but this is a bit extreme and hard to grasp.

snow started falling mid-week and then in full force friday night. and now it's here for a few more days until it warms up into the 40s. i'd say any plans a family may have had are shot to shit. i guess that's the way it goes.

in my memories easter is warm, a breeze usually blowing and the BBQ pit going and the smells of cooking beef in the air. families get together, at least at the ranch. kids are running around, men and women inside and outside the house. men are standing by the BBQ pit, talking about the weather, cows, the ranch and drinking beers. women are busy inside (some, yes, having beers) and preparing food or sitting around the lving room, catching up on whatever, possibly the previous evening's easter mass. kids are going nuts, anxiously waiting for the hiding of cascarones (easter eggs) later in the afternoon so they can find them and then crack them over people's heads.

it's usually that way that it ends up. so it's easy to be disappointed having snow on the ground and the heat going.

i guess the bright side is you can live up here and not have central air during the summer.


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