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Monday, December 04, 2006

news about dad

it has been awhile since i've written about my dad and what's been going on with him, hic cancer and the chemo. i figure it's time again.

he's been undergoing more chemo and has been since the beginning of october. some of hit has been intense and he got really sick the first time he underwent the first chemo. he's been OK since, weak some days, not hungry other days.

everything's hinged on trying to eliminate the cancer that spread to the left side of his liver, it was the good side, in hopes of going back to houston to get some tests done and see if he can be operated. he is supposed to go the week before christmas to see how things are going.

well, he's had several blood tests that they take to see how the cancer is behaving. the last time he took the blood test. the number was 16, which is good. when he first started with these tests more than a year ago, the number was about 700. so the news has been good.

until today. the marker went back up to 20. so it seems this marker will only go to a certain point and then stop, go up. this is what was happening last may befor he went to houston. the marker started to go up again.

the doctor came in and the look in his eyes told my parents it wasn't good. so he will continue with my chemo this week. it is unknown if the cancer has spread again or not. but the chemo has stopped working on him again.

my mom is happy we're going to visit. it's hard to tell where things will stand next year with him. if things don't work and continue to deteriorate, this could be my dad's last christmas. a year is a long time and yet it's so short and passes like time flying by.


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