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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

misc. stuff

i guess nothing's happened to merit a blog entry, but i feel i need to write one since it's been a week. no one topic has seized me and asked to be written about.

so i will simply blog nonsense stuff.

the holidays went well. we spent it at my sister in law's house. we had a nice time, lots of talking, some eating, games and other things. we didn't have to worry about the weather (in the words of a fellow blogger), since the day was gorgeous. hmmmm, can a day be gorgeous in late november in west michigan? yeah, i guess it can. it was short-sleeved weather, which was weird. still, we put up with it.

i found out the dead waitress in the tv show "heroes" has the same birthday as me. i thought it was kinda cool. how often to you hear shit like that? btw: shakespeare's birthday is the day before mine.

saturday night i heard for the first time in years and years an iron maiden song on the radio. we were on the way to get chinese and had the radio tuned to the zoo and kalamazoo and i heard that voice that is distinct: bruce dickinson. sure enough, the deejay said it was a song from the band's latest cd released in august (which i own compliments of mark's brother).

i've been on an audio commentary kick again. i watch the movie then check to see if there's a commentary by the director or actors. i enjoy hearing how they made the movie. i have "the house of sand and fog" and "van helsing" rented right now and yes i'll listen to the commentaries.

and that is it, i think.


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