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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

i'm really 5'9

lately i've been evaluating my height. it started with my great ability to appear about 5'7 or so. i'm a sloucher.

i've noticed that i not only slouch, but i also have my head pushed out, so taht i arrives where i'm going a few seconds before the rest of me. dawn pointed this out to me the other day.

when i walk to work, i place my work bag on my right shoulder and i'm off. as i'm walking, though, i feel the upper part of my body ahead of the rest of me. if someone watches me from one of the houses to either side of me, bent over and walking rapidly i think if i'd see someone like me walking i'd definitely point it out to others and thenlaugh at the silliness of it all.

so i have made concerted efforts to stand up straight, shoulders back, neck upright, spine erect. but it's hurts right in the middle of my back. i'm so used to slouching that my back isn't used to supporting my body properly.

i think the history of the slouch started when i lost my sight. i tried to see things and instead of bringing them closer to me or simpling bending over, i'd slouch down then as my sight improved, i still kept up the habit of slouching down to see things.

i notice this habit wheni'm washing dishes or cooking food. once, when i stupidly poured water on hot grease in a pan, i forgot to do this. good thing. when the water hit the hot grease it splattered up and peppered my arm. for days, i had these nasty marks on my right arm. can you imagine what would have happened if i'd had my face near there? it would have been akin to what happened to george on 'seinfeld" whenhe burned his hand on the iron.

so i stand in front of the mirror, sideways, andlook at how far bent forward i am. it sickens me. i put my hand on my back and gradually straighten up. that'sa lot of straightening i have to do. sometimes i feel that maybe i'm six feet tall after i straighten up. but i hightly doubt that.

i'm going to have to walk around theoffice and home with a book on my head to make sure i straighten up. so don't ask me if you see me this way.

so i am 5'9. take my word for it.

i know this is a dumb blog entry. i had good intentions when i started this then it meandered into babbling. i feel like o. not making any sense.


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