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Friday, September 08, 2006

dad update

i have talked to my sister and brother today and they have provided me with more information and in the process given me hope.

what happened is that the surgeons went in and removed his gall bladder, which they had to do in this type of surgery. they began looking around and noticed the cancer underneath or behind the left side of the liver. the left side was the side that was to sustain the liver since about 80 percent of it was to be removed. howeve,r since that part of the liver was "invaded" by cancer, they couldn't do anything.

my dad found out about what happened this afternoon. he was talking to one of the doctors there, who was interviewing him or askinghim questions. he asked "how long do i have to live?" the woman said that is not a question i'm asking.

the people at MDA in houston want him to go back home and start chemo. they think there's a chance if the chemo shrinks the cancer then he might be able to go back and get an operation. so i was mistaken to say that that option was out of the picture.

the woman told him he's a healthy man. and he is. he kept pretty busy, doesn't drink or smoke.

so while i am saddened by the news of more cancer, i see hope now. so let's see how it goes and what my dad has to day. i have yet to speak to him. i'll call him tomorrow to find out how he's doing.

they are to stay in houston for a week before they can return. perhaps more tests will be conducted and this new situation more defined so when he goes back home, they'll have a abetter understanding of what's inside of him.


Anonymous Brooke said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always, Roel. I'm sorry for the recent development, but I'm also happy that there is still some hope. Hang in there! There are millions of people out there everyday looking for ways to combat this evil killer and someday they will succeed.

Someone hacked my yahoo! account, so add my new screen name cowboys_sweetheart42401

Love you!

12:53 PM


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