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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

postponing the inevitable

we got news taht my dad's operation, scheduled for thursday, has been postponed. there were complicationgs earlier in the week. then today my sister called after receiving news from my mom in houston.

it seems that after some ct scans done monday, the doctor found two things, one good and one bad. the good is that the left side of his liver, which had some cancerous stuff scooped out, is doing well. the bad news is that there is a large tumor in his right side that had doubled in size since the last time he was in houston nearly a month and a half ago. in addition, there is a strange growth in the liver and they are going to check it out to see if it's cancerous or his liver growing. also, my dad said he feels weird inside and they are scheduling an endoscopy tomorrow. a pet scan will follow on friday to determine if the additional growth is bad.

if it's bad, then he will be operated next friday, sept. 8. if it can hold off, thenhe'll be operated on sept. 18.

my dad had a feeling that it wasn't going to be that easy and knew something was up. he's pretty frustrated with everything. and it must be disappointing to learn that a tumor has doubled in such a short time.

the good news, if there is any, is that it's all taking place on his right side where the operation is taking place. so it will be all cut away when the time comes.

still, it's disheartening to hear this news. just when you think it's all going fine, there's another turn in the road. i guess it could be worse; it could have been his left side and that would have been very bad.

it's just tough news to hear, especially after one of our stringers, beth walton, had her father die of cancer monday. he'd had the cancer for several years now, since i've known beth, pretty much. he died in his sleep at home. i called up beth to give my condolences. she's always been friendly and nice to me.

so now it's the waiting game once more with my dad. we'll find out friday what news the pet scan brings to us. i'm hoping that next friday he'll be in surgery.


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