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Thursday, July 27, 2006

gentle woman

gentle woman took my hand and led the way,
showing me sights my eyes not yet seen,
brandished me far from the lone star to
the big lake

gentle woman took my heart and fled with it,
to new heights they went,
to fill it with unbridled love.

gentle woman took my mouth, thirsting,
yearning, and filled it with words
to quench, to express the love

gentle woman took my ears and fed
them words of love and desire, sounds resonate
that fill my mind with thoughts of her

gentle woman took my eyes and showed me beauty,
left me reeling, left me wanting

gentle woman gave me life and set me free,
and now love flows through me.

from r.g. to d.g.


Blogger Bibi said...

Very sweet ...there should be more poets in the world!

2:15 AM

Anonymous Krista said...

Roel that's beautiful! Dawn's a lucky woman! Happy anniversary, you two!

5:13 PM

Blogger Roel said...

bibi and krista thanks for your comments.
i am hoping that the quick burst of inspiration for dawn's poem has stirred inside me that giant that has bene sleeping for years.

1:28 AM


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