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Friday, October 20, 2006

swimming at the deep end now

i'm in an area of the pool where my feet don't touch the bottom of the pool. they can't. i try to stand up straight with my 5'9 stature, but to no avail.

actually, looking down i can see the black strip running along the bottom of the pool slipping downward at an odd angle, deeper water?

yep, that's what it is. i'm swimming ok. arms arent' getting tired and no charlie horse yet. hope i don't ever get one.

yesterday we closed on our house. i have not blogged this process and only briefly mentioned it once. i felt it wasn't time yet. i didn't want to jinx it and i guess, frankly, didn't feel like discussing the process on here. and i still won't because it's really boring.

owever, we'd been looking off and on for something since before fall. actually we'd been looking around neighborhoods for homes during our walks all summer long. it didn't get serious until we found the one we eventually bought.

the house is two streets up from where we live. and even though it technically is farther from work, snce it's in the middle of the block, it ends up being almost the same distance.

an appealing factor, too, was living next door to dawn's nieces and their mom. the girls were excited that we were interested in the house and as things gelled, they were thrilled about it.

it's a five-bedroom home, even though some of the rooms are smaller, probably for office space, in our case, anyway. but the three bedrooms upstairs are the living areas. one of the bedrooms has two rooms in one. you have to enter one room to get to the other. the living and dining rooms are big. very big, actually. plenty of space for furniture.

last weekend we went to an estate sale and got great deals on two rocking chairs. we have four now and they'll be perfect for the house. we also bought a dresser, which will be great for the bedroom and another dresser-like piece of furniture that can fit in well in the ldining room. so we've filled up what we can. the only problem is the kitchen table. ours is waaaaay too small.

we're going to need a bigger table (to quote a similar line from a famous movie). but i guess it'll come in time.

the house is a fixer-upper. it does needs lots of cosmetic work, as i like to put it. the exterior will need new windows and either painting or new siding (then painting). the interior wll also need painting. it's painted but we want a different color, brighter. we're pulling out the carpet in two rooms that is yucky.

for the most part, the house is in good shape. the bathroom, which is in the back of the house, it the room that will need the most work. it will need a new toilet in time. i'm not happy with what's there. also, the shower will need new tiling. just lots of odds and ends.

the front yard is small, but the backyard is huge. if we had kids it'd be perfect for backyard football. although i do have to say, we need to trim large branches from the tops of the trees to get more sunlight into the yard. that will come in time.

and so we will be moving soon. we'll be out by the end of the month, just in time for all hallow's eve.

siobhan rules.


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