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Saturday, December 02, 2006

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

we got our first big blast of snow early this morning and through noon. it wasn't apocalyptic as the weather people were announcing or anything.

there was a thin sheet of ice underneath the snow, but no biggie. i also shoveled my driveway for the first time this season. not bad. it helps to have a paved drive. at the other place it was horrible because the gravel would get in the way and it was uneven and i'd create holes in the drive. the landlord never really came on time to plow the drive. so it kinda sucked.

i've not taken my first walk in the snow yet. i usually enjoy it, even if it means there's a big possibility of falling. i like it.

for a while there, i thought the sinterklaas event was going to be canceled because it was still sorta snowing. but it went on.

i have now covered the event three years in a row. the first year was a fiasco, with some dumb pile of dog shit calling the cops on me thinking i was some freak molester. it soured me to the whole thing. last year, the venue changed and it was a little better.

this year was the best of the three years. i talked to sinterklaas himself beforehand and it helped out a lot. then when i went out to the market place, i quickly interviewed a few people and even a couple more unexpected ones and it worked out very well. so i was pleased. the story isn't great or anything, but it got done.

and now that the temperature has plummeted to 30, it will remain this way for some time. the eight-day weather forecast doesn't show any indication of going above 34. lovely. it's about time, though. the 60s are better left for may or june.


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