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Sunday, December 31, 2006

memorable quotes from our trip

i don't usually pay attention enough to do this type of blog, but there were quite a few interesting quotes, mostly from kids, that i thought i should probably blog some of them.

here are a few from my nephew ricky, who turned 8 on dec. 27.

1) "the ladies love the money." he told me this after i approached him and asked him for some facial tissue to blow my nose. we went to his bathroom and he said he didnt' have any but he said he had something else. he showed me and it was money balled up. he said the above quote while shaking his head and moving his hands back and forth.

2) "keep the ladies looking sexy." one of the last things he said to me when i told him bye before we left. he was watching tv and sitting in a chair, he gave me a hug and kiss and then he told me this. i know it's bad but i couldn't resist laughing and giving him a high-five.

3) "she's pure evil." i don't know if i should put it in but i will because it's so no ttrue. christmas day he and all the others were playing outside and this little girl who's sooooo cute and my cousin's oldest child (she's 4) wasn't out there playing too much because they were playing rough. when asked about her not participating and being left out of playing, he said not to believe that quietness about her and spouted out the above line.

my niece rena, who'll turn 10 in march.

1) "we need to spend quality time together." this was her telling me this on the morning of the day we were to leave the ranch. she mentioned this several times.

2) "that won't drown my sorrows." linda is driving us to pick up our rental car. she and me are in the front seat and dawn, emma and rena in the back seat. i got sick with allergies while in texas. (excuse the image) i had to spit and lowered the window and spit out. some of it landed in the back seat and hit her in the eye. i tried apologizing to her and she told me the above phrase.

my brother in law arnold, who's married to linda.
1) "that lady next to you bites." while playing chalupa, arnold was calling out the cards. he and my maricella's mother got into an argument. she said he was pulling out the same cards and that's why she wasn't winning. they argued a bit. when it was over, he tells celica, my cousin lynn's four-year-old daughter that phrase. the little girl quickly went over to her father who was inside the house and said there was a woman sitting next to her who bites. he had no clue what she was talking about.

my aunt Mine, who's hitting 80 an dwo lives next to my parents' house.
1) "i'm going to take you to Bole's." she insists my hair is too long and wants me to have it the way i did when i was 10 or something. Bole's is a place that cuts hair in S.D. all the old guys go there. i also went there once in a while. it's an old-fashioned barber shop.

my grandfather octavio, who's 89.
1) "quieren bailar?" (do you want to dance) he said to us when we went to visit. it was something my brother robert told me days before the visit that he'd tell us. he had a display of christmas windup santas and snowmen. he wound them all up and they dance and sing. he gets a kick out of it. he tells that phrase to people when they visit.

a little girl sitting behind us on the plane back to chicago.
1) "except when he's driving." sitting behind us was her father, mother and the little girl by the window. by the time we taxied, the father was asleep. her mom said, " your dad falls asleep anywhere." then the little girl responded with that phrase.

2) "this is where jesus lives." the same little girl said this as we broke through the clouds after lifting off in dallas.

oh, and here's one more i should mention, even though i'll put it in another blog.

rolando g., a classmate at the get together on dec. 23.

1) "hey, what'd you do wit those stories?" apparently the thing he remembered most about me was the sophomoric erotic stories i used to write in high school. they were the furthest thing from my mind. he was VERY disappointed when i told him i'd thrown them away. he couldn't believe it. he kept saying they were damn good.

this drunk girl at the get together.
1) "i thought your name was tommy. i kept calling you tommy." she told me this after i engaged in conversation with her. she was so happy i knew her name. she sad she didn't recognize me when she saw me walk in and even though others told her my name, she thought i was tommy. later on, she told me she thought my name was robert. crazy girl.


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