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Thursday, December 07, 2006

am i damien?

this is a question i've been asking myself for the past day and a half, ever since nate at the office brought it to my attention tuesday afternoon.

for those of you who don't know who i'm talking about, damien is the devil's child in "the omen" movies. he's a small boy in the first one, then subsequently grows up into a teenager in the second one and is later played by sam neil as a man.

damien is a quiet boy, seemingly harmless when you look at him. he even seems gentle at times. then,there's the other side of him that kills people who get in his way of ruling the world. he usually disposes of them rather cruelly. in the first movie, one person has a metal spire rammed through him after lightning strikes it. another man's head is cut off by a sheet of glass. it's quick. he felt nothing.

on tuesday, then, i walk into the office and put my things down in my cubicle. nate is standing there in his cubicle and says, "we think you might be damien." i knew, sadly enough, who he was talking about.still, i inquired why he asked me that question.

he came across to my side andsays i'm soft-spoken and quiet. yet, when you least expect it, i'll come up and slam into you without warning.

i thought about it and then nodded. it's true. i am soft-spoken and quiet most times. and yes i do like to run up and slam against people. nate has been the recipient of this many times. once while talking to j.h. i came up and slammed into him, unknowing that he had a cup of coffee held out in front of him over the cubicle wall. it spilled, nonetheless.

i later found out he had had this conversation with krista about what i'll call the damien syndrome. and i guess she agreed with him.

i will have to admit, though, that i do not have the all important third nipple that the devil's child or the antichrist is suposed to have. nor do i inflict enough harm to actually hurt someone,unless they merit it. hmmmmm, the atrium sure looks menacing. and it's sooooo close to where i sit, too.


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