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Thursday, April 24, 2008

the interloper

i've not felt this good in a long time. wednesday was spent on a high, which is a contrast to tuesday, when i was so low, that low doesn't even begin to diescribe me.

funny thing is, i don't know what caused it. the day started fine. i got up and did the usual. i made into work. then...

well, as the day progressed so did my mood. it plummeted. and it kept gong and going. a keep chasm, man. so shitty.

i get home and nothing really changes. i'm still feeling shitty. poor dawn. she had no idea what was wrong and i couldn't begin to tell her because i didn't know. we exchanged few words in the night time hours. i slept very bad. waking, sleeping, waking, sleeping. and yet i woke up fine wednesday. i wasn't even tired or sleepy, which i should have been.

i can't atribute my mood to anything. being that my birthday's coming up (actually accordin to the clock, it's here now), and my dad's not around for it. no call from him or mom passing him the pohone. i guess maybe that had something to do with it. but i know there must have been other things.

i can't articulate what those things were. but it's gone.

the way i'm looking at it, maybe i needed a day to let those things in life accumulate, compress them, then click delete. bam! gone. much like files on a computer. perhaps i'd accumulated many bad things over time and it all came to a head tuesday, cause, man, i was feeling real bad.

either way, no one really knoticed except dawn and she and i are good. i'm glad no one really noticed at the office. of course, i'd put on the happy face, or simply the face.

oh, by the way, before i forget, happy birthday, hoss.


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