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Thursday, April 03, 2008

ignorance about what's what, pendejo

there was a letter to the editor i came across yesterday that ran in today's newspaper. this pendejo from allegan said he nearly choked on his (no ot that) his coffee when he read the migrant fair story in the monday paper. (see previous blog entry).

this man couldn't understand why the migrants had their own special celebration t welcome them back. why the migrants needed such a welcome when we had lots of unemployed "countrymen" from michigan who could use those jobs.

well, mr. pendejo, let's see. first, those migrants aren't illegal. and most are american citizens, like you and me, except they travel from place to place for work. that's where the migrant comes into the picture. second, not all migrants are of latino persuasion. no? no, there's not. there are some caucasians who are also migrants. would you consider them not your countrymen? highly doubtful.

it seems rather racist of you to make that assertion that because these people are latino, heavily latino, that they may not be "legal." es pura estupidades en tu parte.

yes, there is heavy unemployment in michigan. that is a fact. however, i don't see those unemployed men and women lining up at zelenka or other nurseries looking for work. if someone did some type of specialized mechanical work at a factory, why would they necessarily be qualfied or want to do migrant work? it makesno sense.

i am not a migrant, but i know they do back-breaking work for a good 12 plus hours a day, six days a wek sometimes. they don't get paid very well, either. it's not a steady gig. insurances? who knows what kind cerain employers might or might not have for them. i'm sure the larger nursuries have insurance. but someone who has a handful of migrants can't afford to get insurance.

no, mr. pendejo, i don't think you fully understand what the migrants do for us. in your furvor you wrote an uninformed letter. too bad. you look like a racist idiot. at least in my book.

the migrants are part of our community and we must celebrate their return. that's why it's called a community fair. they are here to stay for as long as there's work.

i hope that you didn't spill any of that coffee on your nice, clean white shirt.