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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

book's a quiver

today i found out we can all have blogs, if we like. i'm talking about work blogs, something to counter this blog. i was elated. i love to write and a blog is a great way to do something freestyle.

i quickly i got in touch with the webmaster and started making suggestions. he worked it out and i came up with the name The Book worm. that phrase should indicate to blog readers that i'll be talking about books, some i'm reading now, some i've read, authors, genres, whatever.

tomorrow i'm to take some books in to get my picture taken with some of my favorites i have here at home. i'm imagining a whacky shot of me balancing books. but who knows.

so i'm on my way to doing this.

i asked a friend what i should start with. she suggested something "dirty." given holland and it's religious views, i'd say a 'dirty" book would generate some comments.

i asked her what sort of "dirty" book i could read. she suggested a romance, harlequin book. i've never read one, but i started spoutig off the line, "her heaving boobs broke through her dress." she corrected me and said romance books don't use the word "boob" but instead use the word "bosom." i think she's right.

that got her to tell me about the time she was on a trip to england. on stopping at an inn, there was a seedy romance book at the room. she told me the line "quivering mound" was a phrase used in the book.

i couldn't believe a book could be published using that phrase. that's a phrase i think i used when i'd write short stories as a 16 year old when my writing style was, let's say, something to be desired and my exual experience amounted to ziltch.

i think i'll hold off on a "dirty" book for now, though. but in time, i may decide to read a "dirty" book and talk about it. in a mature manner of course.

middlesex, anyone?


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