These are the thoughts of a Texas transplant in West Michigan who makes his living as a newspaper reporter by evening, and a struggling novelist by day.

Monday, July 02, 2007

a friend leaving

woke up early, headed to 19th St., an early morning trip with my iPod for entertainment.
her pleasant greeting and wave, something i'd miss.
sprawled out on the drive, her life from the past few years;
there were books, furniture, cups, glasses, chairs and knickknacks.

the sun shone through the heavy tree, i sat, verner's in hand, took over the show, she had things to do.

jeremy, how goes it, you come striding in, looking, buying.
andrea in time, too, joins the fray, she remains, the day's presence.

people stopped, took pieces of your life, money in exchange,
the simple way to make your life, start again, not a bad thing.

jim and sam toil for molly, her things must not go and to
sterling heights will they end up.

within, disarray. piles here, piles there,
a sadness, but not by her, through me.

there, see the spot? i stand on it,
the dining room, table gone, yet it's where i sat, with dawn,
eating pepperoni for the first, feeling our way, becoming friends.

and there, to the left, once more i sat, dawn beside me,
across the young ones, our first glimpse of sam. sharing family.

beyond, the darkened living room, still more memories abound.
one night, a saturday, perhaps a year and a half or more off,
we all sat, the clock ticked and ticked. 3 a.m. reared itself.
what fun, what fun.

and walking aimlessly, lucky and thurber, your faithful ones,
what wild pets once they were, now docile, petting is all they want,
lucky white around the mouth and thurber still worry on his brow.

again i return, lounging on your couch, taking in your life as it unfolds
and leaves in bits and pieces around me.

and again, later, still, we go back, a darkened house, pets inside,
barking gently.

and after a run to ben&jerry's, it's back for one last hurrah
through the rooms that was your life,
see the room at the end, so bare now, yet full of
you, books, laptop, blanket, mother's bathrobe,
dogs quiet on the floor.

as we leave, i look back, once more thinking, reliving,
smiling, into the car before too much emotion overtakes,
memories are strong, powerful beasts that will do more than nip at the heels.

off to the cape! off you go. only seven hours south, yet a lifetime
it seems. i miss my friend and a hollow place remains where once she
roamed carefree.

i hope life treats you well, peg. peace, my friend.


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