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Monday, June 11, 2007

the last ones

we found out sunday that dawn's youngest sister from chicago is three months pregnant (due dec. 12). that's great news. it was a long and arduous road for her and her husband. finally, though, it's happened.

we're all very happy for them and word spread from sibling to sibling as she made the calls sunday afternoon. she'd kept it hushed until now, despite conversations about trying to get pregnant.

i'm sure evie's happy. she's been asking/questioning when, when for years now. now, she can stop.

but with this news comes a little, what? i don't know. i don't know what words to use. you see, dawn and i are now the only ones in both families without a child. before i suppose we held on to the fact that dawn and her sister didn't have kids. no one knew if it would happen for either one. and now it has for her.

so we're the last. on my side my brother's got two kids, a boy and a girl and my sister has a little girl. and on dawn's side, her other sister has two kids and two0 adopted kids and her brother has four kids, including twins.

we'd like kids. or at least a kid. i've reached a point in my life where i'm confortable with things and have a house, a job, a good wife, two cats, et cet. it just feels like a child would be the most obvious next step.

i see kids and i, for the most part, enjoy being with them or playing with them. dawn's great with kids. she's got that teacher instinct and kids know it. they take to her like crazy and shr knows how to treat them.

i know we're both ready for parenthood. whether it happens or not, who knows. if it doesn't, i'll still be happy. but if we do, it'll be nice to have junior or Siobhan running in the yardor playing with the cats.

yes, i like the name Siobhan (pronounced che-van). i read a book called "the incidnet of the dog at night" and the name appeared in it. at first i didn't kow how to pronounce it until i heard the name when i listened to the book to tape. since, i've heard the name several times. yes, it is probably strange since it's irish and we're not, but i really don't give a flying flip. i dig the name and that's it.


Blogger Nathan said...

Siobhan, I love it. A good Irish name.

12:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Siobhan is a great name in my book (along with her brother Otis). My wife, however, did not agree and would not allow us to name either of our children that.

Earliest Siobahn reference for me: The novel "Tai Pan." I think she was the red-headed prostitute who wanted Dirk Struan, the Tai Pan.

1:56 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

That's a great novel! I read it as part of a book study for English teachers. I really enjoyed it. I didn't know you'd read it!

hey, check out my blog. i just updated it.

11:18 PM

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