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Saturday, June 02, 2007

late night spring walk

i plugged away at a similar blog entry some ago when i walked home from work at night. i think the proper way to describe the walk is muted -- that goes for all senses. everything is so closed and shut in. it seems like you're in a bubble, a very cold bubble.

the after work walk a few days ago was completely different. all senses were on full alert.

sound is the perfect one to start with. there was the rumble of car motors as they went up and down the street -- even at midnight. way more traffic than on a cold winter's night. inside the moving cars came the blasting sounds of music (with bass up high). windows are rolled down and people enjoy a late night drive with the jams. also, as my shoes crunched leaves, dirt and other debris, the sounds of window units whirring away, keeping oeople comfortable during these mild, humid nights, from between homes. also, there was the sound of water dripping from the darkness, as if from a small garden fountain.

smell, though, is more dominant, i think. you get the pungent smells of car exhaust (something more evident in hotter months), but also the lovely scents of flowers, shrubs and trees blooming. you can't resist inhaling deeply and cathing whiffs of late spring. and as i passed different houses, the smells varied, depending what was growning in the yard.

and lights. they are everywhere. it might be midnight but a lot of people are stil up. many upstairs and some downstairs' lights are on throughout neighborhoods. in winter, there are only a few lonely lights in a few houses.

pherhaps it's true with spring comes regeneration. but it's not only for flowers, trees and plants, it's for everything. all winter (and part of spring), it's like we move around and do things but not really. we're living in isolated bubbles where our senses are limited.

i don't know, all i can say is i do enjoy this time of year because the days are so long and everything is so alive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine, if you will, taking the same route home at the same time of night, but this time, you're on the back of a co-worker's bicycle with all the flashing lights!

8:59 AM

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