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Friday, June 29, 2007

#17 is no more

the deed is done. tooth #17 is gone, erradicated from my gum and jaw as of 11 a.m. thursday.

i was nervous. i felt my heart and it was pounding as if i'd gone on a short jog. as time approached, it got a bit worse and i gried calming myself.

krista picked me up shortly before 10. before i knew what was happening, i was whisked inside, had an x-ray taken, and promptly sat ina chair. heart was till going.

then the dentist came in, put the laughing gas contraption over my nose and a stick full of jelly (which he rubbed on my tooth and gum area) and left.

as soon as i took a whiff of the gas, i felt better. thank god for nitrous oxide (i think that's what they called it). my extremities felt tingly and heavy. then i didn't care anymore.

i was there but not, you know. i listened to the xfm radio station, an attendant, esther, talking to people on the phone, emily, my attending, talking about an intern person. i listened as the deejay talked about darfur and an album put out to help the country.

emily and the doc came back in. i felt great. then he removed the stick with the jelly on it, and gave me several injections, which kinda hurt. i guess the jelly numbs the gum before the injections are put in.

they left and i continued to relax. funny thing, i felt the lower half of my body slightly to the left of me. it's as if, my upper half was out of place. then i felt myself go somewhat. i didn't want to lose control. for a second, i felt a little anxiety. then it was gone. succomb to it, i heard my inner mind say. so i did.

then back in again, they doc and emily set to work. they did something which i think was spread back my gum from the tooth. at least it felt that way. i grunted and he put more jelly in my gum area to numb it more.

then after a few minutes, they set to work on removing #17. he got a drill and emily said, "you're going to hear a loud sound." i did. the doc went to work but i didn't have a clear understanding of what he was doing. at least not yet.

i could taste what was probably my tooth being blasted into. but emily kept at it with the suction machine and the taste was gone.

then i heard the coolest thing a medical person has told me, "you might hear a cracking sound." he tapped my tooth with something, and sure enough, i heard my tooth crack.

then he set to removed the pieces. he went in tugging at least three for four pieces. either way, i felt nothing except the pulling.

and it was over. no more than 15 minutes. gauze was placed in my mouth. i shook the doctor's hand. emily informed me on what i could do and not do. and then i got up and walked off.

i felt good.

i thought i was going to be in miserable pain. even took a prescription of vicadin to be filled. (I haven't picked it up). nothing. no serious pain. i've tken only four motrin (two at a time) yesterday afternoon.

i feel good. today my tooth area is swollen. it feels as if someone punched me.

and you may ask, where the tooth picture? yes, i did ask for the tooth. emily provided me with what was left, which was not much. but it's not going to appear here. i guess it would be a little tasteless. if anyone wants to see the tooth, e-mail me and i'll shoot you a personal picture.



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