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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

first day of class

so i had/taught my first day of eng. 101. it was exciting. no nerves or anything. i felt good and even slept well last night. i know what i want from this class and if i keep focusing on it, all things will go the way i want them.

i am unsure of the number of students, since i had about six gone today. however, there were two new add ons.

i introduced them to hemingway a bit, even though there will be no discussion on class of his novels or work. but he is a good example to use. i've already got them thinking about a quote from him. we shall see.

i instructed them to write an in-class paper,very quick, to see how they write and their writing styles. i've read through a few and i'm noticing there ae some good writes. they have good ideas and some have supporting thoughts and details. in this process, i'm getting to learn a lot about the students, too. i like this. i want to know who they are. that will help me understand them as writers if i know where they've been and what they've done.

here's looking to a good semester.