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Monday, August 17, 2009

"It" ain't the same

i picked up (or checked out on cassette) stephen king's "it." i've read the lengthy novel a handful of times. every once in awhile i pick it up again. so i decided to do it again some weeks. back.

i found as i made my way through it this time that i didn't really enjoy it. if i remember correctly, the previous time i read it, i also lost interest in it.

this time, it happened. i stopped reading it. hell, i was about 80 percent done with it. i stopped adn thought, this isn't working for me. so i put it up and began another book (hemingway's "death in the afternoon" about bullfighting).

i found the book very unbelievable. yes, i know, it's horror fiction, it ain't gonna happen. it ain't real. but the fiction lost its realness. there were things in there i didn't buy. the kids cussed quite a bit. i didn't buy it. it seemed unnatural to me. unnecessary (what am i saying, i love to cuss!). too many coincidences occurred. didn't buy it. there was simply too much perversity that i wasn't digging.

i asked dawn. she said she never really liked the novel, either. it took me longer to admit it. after all, it's one of king's most well-known novels. but i am done reading it. i doubt if i'll ever pick it up again.


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