These are the thoughts of a Texas transplant in West Michigan who makes his living as a newspaper reporter by evening, and a struggling novelist by day.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

black friday

i got up friday and didn't feel right. not right at all. i don't know the words to describe it in english, maybe restless, but in spanish i can say, estaba desesperado. as soon as i opened my eyes, i felt it.

i knew it was one of those days where it'd be best if i stayed in bed all day until night and then kept right on sleeping.

i started with the phone rining. it sort of woke me up, but not really. i knew someone left a message. when i made my way downstairs and played it it was discover. there was some confusion.

then i continued to shamble around thehouse. my lunch didn't taste good. i felt a bit nauseous.

i went to the lib. to pick up something and on the way back picked up the mail. i knew something was up. well it was 53. a thin envelope. i won't get into it.

later, the cats, trina and petunia, are fighting. it's getting old. i yell at them. i swear that if people hear me, they must think a madmanlives at our place. the yelling is to no avail.

then i go to the living room to start readying for saturday. i notice something. well, it's cat pee. not much but still. it's on a blanket. it further infuriates me. now i'm full on pissed off.

later the phone rings. it's discover. pisses me off even more. i knew my blood pressure was high. i could feel my face hot and my brain going nuts.

i have no one to vent with . dawnie was at work. i'm losing it. finally i call a friend and i vent. it helped somewhat.

so i left to my work assignment. came home and dawnie was there. we talked and i settled down.

i headed to work. i had two stories to complete. i did them. and luckily i did the second one when i did.

because despite all the shit that went on during the day, it paled to what happened at 9:15 p.m.

a call came over the scanner of a priority one pi pin-in. it was just down the way from the paper.

in hindsight, it felt wrong. it was too quick. so many of these crashes take time to determine any serious situation. not this one.

we headed out. it was at an intersection. two cars. as we get there. the cops are putting a bag over a body lying on the street next to a car. the person may have been pinned in but only briefly.

we needed something. jim extended our return time from 10 to 10:30. luckily at a few minutes past that, a cop came by and i got what i could from him and we headed back. i had to leave the office by 11:15, so it was quick typing. it got done.

i just found out that the dead person, who is male, was a holland high graduate and his passenger, a female, a current student.

it was quick a day. it felt so wrong. so wrong all day. it wasn't as if i were depressed or anything like that, nothing internally that was driving me to feel a certain way. it was simply something in the air. i didn't like it.


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