These are the thoughts of a Texas transplant in West Michigan who makes his living as a newspaper reporter by evening, and a struggling novelist by day.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the weekend

a mishmash.

we had a nice get together saturday. it started with krista coming over for a few drinks and then denise and mig joining us later. good company.

it gave me a chance to make mojitos. i'm still rusty. the first one had too much lime. i should have measured, but as the recipe said a lime, i squeezed out a lime. half a lime is good. the second one was better, more alcohlic. krista, who poured the rum, admitted later to adding more rum than necessary. it was good.

i felt my body going numb, light. my mouth running a little wild, slack-jawed, but not slurred. i was still able to do my hannibal lecter voice and a few others, so i was not far gone. but it felt good. it had been a long time since i felt like that. good thing? bad thing? i dunno.

we had good conversations. after beatles music, we put on los hometown boys. denise and i danced around the table (me with sandals) while mig and dawn watched, laughed. it was good to dance, too. my legs were a little rubbery but not from the drink. it has been years since i've actually danced entire tejano songs.

the next morning, not much of a problem. the only thing was the weekend passed too quickly.

dawn has since started work at least workshops. no kids until tuesday. she's ready for school. at least i think so. i'd be bored if i had to hang out wit me for an extended period of time. if not bored, going insane.

the unnamed cat is now named. she will be petunia as was her name. she's slowly becoming acustomed. though she still hisses at the other cats. katrina and petunia still don't quite get along. sometimes they pass each other and no problem. at other times, it's a stare down.

i'm reading hemingway's "death in the afternoon." it'sa great non-fiction account of bullfighting and how decadent it became in spain during the 1920s and early 1930s. i've always enjoyed the book and consider it one of my favorites. i enjoy the jabs he takes at faulkner.

i also began reading 'the nick adams stories" and like then a lot. i've only read a few of them, the ones that appear in "in our time." this collection has them in chronological order. it's nice to read about places visited by us while up north. that's the reason i chose it. i wanted to get a glimpse of the petoskey area back in the early, early 20th century.

and i'm making progress rewriting "bonita." it came quickly last night and i believe the rest will occur quickly, too. i'm looking forward to finishing it and putting it behind me for now.


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